16 April 2017 @ 09:14 pm
Hello, DW!  
I haven't actually used LiveJournal in an eternity, but the latest developments with its politically and personally offensive new TOS have made it impossible for me to even leave my journal there unused. I've migrated everything over here, and purchased a paid premium account to support the site. :)

I'm going through my stored photos and fic on communities, and as soon as I've stripped every last thing off LJ, I'll be deleting my journal there. I'm sad that it came to this, but it has.

I rarely write fic anymore, but if I do, I'll make sure to post here.

Please add me here... and I'll add you.


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[identity profile] kinwad.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 01:53 am (UTC)
So sorry about this, Xie! But I'll be following you no matter where you go, whether to DW (I've backed up all my stuff there as well), IJ, and A03!
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[identity profile] xie-xie-xie.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 02:59 am (UTC)
Thank you! I think I already follow you on DW, but I'm checking now!
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[identity profile] girloftheburbs.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 03:51 am (UTC)
Same here, Xie... Thank you for the heads up where you are going, etc. I created a DW journal with the same name. My entries copied over in about 1-2 days. It's sad what happened with LJ but luckily we have alternatives. I'm sad for those also who no longer come around and their work may be lost, in addition to the legacy journals.
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[identity profile] wren-kt7oz.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 05:24 am (UTC)
It is sad.

So much wonderful work has been published in LJ and now is likely to be lost.

I've also backed up everything to DW and am sorting out the links and stuff before I make a final decision about what to do about LJ.

Good to know where to find you.
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[identity profile] landlady-4rent.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 05:50 am (UTC)
It is sad. I will follow you and everyone else that goes to DW. I never thought this would happen here. I'm in the process of figuring it all out too. Hugs! Annie

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[identity profile] starbaby12.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
I dearly miss your writing. I am going to try to get a DW account. I am not always successful with new things, lol. I am going to follow you on twitter though.
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[identity profile] malanna42.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2017 09:37 pm (UTC)
I'll follow wherever you choose to go. Honestly, AO3 is way better for fic - far easier to navigate. Thanks for letting us know!
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[identity profile] passing-through.livejournal.com on April 18th, 2017 01:07 am (UTC)
*waves hello*

I'll friend you on DW. I'm passing_through24 over there because someone else had my username.

It makes so the happiest girl in the world to know that you're posting on AO3. I can only read EPUBs on my new Nook (I can load PDFs but the font is too small for me to read) and to know that I can have Only Time and Pulse Point on my new Nook is awesome!

I honestly had no idea what the TOS were about and now that I do, it's probably wise that I migrate to DW as well. My LJ is Friends Only and I need to look into how I can make my DW account as well.

I feel the same as you, I made some great friends here (and on IJ) and I feel like I'm going to be missing people when I eventually migrate to DW since not everyone will be going.

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[identity profile] gaedhal.livejournal.com on April 18th, 2017 03:21 am (UTC)
I've started to post a few older fics on AO3, but…

It's not the same. The comments are really not up to the level of the
kind of feedback on LJ, not to mention real conversation and friendships
had a chance to develop. I haven;t found that on any other format.

Sorry to you go!

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